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Best Websites to Send Free SMS

May 10, 2012

im prone to provide such greatest website’s list which provide free text service to be able to their own users. these web site are highest popular. im going to publish list these .I make tried to be able to collect most popular website for sending totally free Way2SMS.

1. Webend.beneath/text (NEW)

Link: http://www.webend.beneath/Way2SMS

Registration : Crucial

Maximum Phrases: 280 Alphabets just


2. (NEW)


Application : Required

Maximum Phrases: 160 Alphabets only



Registration : Required

Complete Phrases: 148 Alphabets only



Application : Required

Complete Words: 115 Alphabets just



Registration : Crucial

Complete Words: 110 Alphabets



Application : Required

Complete Words: 80 Alphabets Just
Advertisements by Search engines



Application : Unnecessary

Maximum Words: 80 Alphabets just



Sign up : Crucial

Maximum Phrases: 80 Alphabets only



Application : Crucial

Maximum Phrases: 80 Alphabets Just


Registration : Required

Maximum Phrases: 90 Alphabets only



Sign up : Required

Complete Words: 90 Alphabets only

Some More totally free web site List :

Totally free text website which offers cool flirt Way2SMS text messages, lottery numbers, underwear contain, love meter and also lucky numbers.

Well-liked Totally free Way2SMS to USA, Canada and also International without application.

Send you reminders and post to be able to Twitter.

Send and obtain free Way2SMS text messages beneath USA and Canada (at first

Way2SMS Laughs

Send totally free Way2SMS jokes to your guests.

Send Humorous and Flirty Way2SMS Pictures.

Totally free Way2SMS website and cellular community. Invite guests to earned totally free PC to cellular Way2SMS.

Send unlimited Totally free Way2SMS all over the world.

Submit Totally free Way2SMS Worlwide. 100 Way2SMS Free monthly. Login name : test Security code : test

Join Redalertz for free and also that you can get upto sixty totally free text messages a month and they even make their own mobile contain online allow yous to send upto 8 free Way2SMS text messages a day via it’s website. You can chat and flirt to other website users but that you may get e-mail from them on a daily base once you make joined them.

Totally free Way2SMS normal between 18:00 and also 19:00 local time, however charges with regard to other messages. is actually run by MTNWay2SMS and also Airbourne which will give you 5 free text messages and also will let you sentiment the world from your PC to be able to over 230 institutions foreign and may also let you road message delivery.

Foreign mail2Way2SMS login service. Lots parts are offered.

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